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Tao Yin Yoga Intro Class Unity Spiritual Center Sunday June 8 2014 we will introduce basic postures of 45 that you can begin using now! $60

Tao Yin Introductory Class


Tao Yin: Yoga for the busy individual


Most individuals think you need to go to a yoga class to stretch and de-stress and busy individuals find time at a premium. So why not introduce Tao Yin into your daily routine. Simple postures that relieve stress and support wellness may be the answer for you. Introduce this simple posture with breath into your daily routine and experience the changes in your energy levels and feeling of well being.


Full body breathing: always begin with the breath. It is logical. The more oxygen getting to your brain and tissues the better you feel. The great thing about this posture is you can do it in bed before you rise in the morning. Before the unique demands of your life are upon you. So Lie down.

·        Smile: Chi moves more efficiently when you smile. Try it. Cose your eyes and breathe into your belly (oops what is that?) Imagine a balloon that can inflate and deflate with your breath inside your belly. It is behind your navel and in front of your butt. Imagine filling this balloon with fresh breath (tip: breath is loaded with chi or energy! Moms need this to keep up with all the ‘stuff’ they have to do)  If you don’t believe me breathe into your belly while smiling, then frown and do the same thing. Different Yes? Lets move on to step two.

·        Direct your smile into you heart and appreciate yourself, be compassionate, there is no manual for motherhood. Allow peace love and joy to come to you. Allow the thoughts and fears to fade and empty the mind. (tip: do not concentrate on these thoughts… once you realize they are there simply bring your awareness back to your breath… in your belly) Yes, It does work.

·        Now imagine you are filling yourself with golden light with each breath. This changes the breath into a more conscious choice to move chi. Imagine cloudy gray color escaping with each exhalation removing tension.

·        That is it for now… simply breath. This simple exercise relaxes the psoas muscle which becomes very unhappy when you are constantly hunched over doing housework, ministering to a young child, or simply poor posture. It also expands your lung capacity so that you don’t get as tired. And aids you in releasing toxins such as carbon dioxide.


It is simple when you are tense you hold onto emotions, carbon dioxide and other toxins and this all makes you feel fatigued. Practice this 5-10 minutes in the morning before you rise and you will see that you will feel more refreshed and able to cope with the unique gift of being a mother. Questions? Feel free to contact Mary Ellen Derwis at or check out my website . If you enjoyed this simple exercise, Sign up and join us for the introductory class, it will explain the practice and get you started with the process by providing simple to do postures that quiet body mind and spirit that you can do in the privacy of your own home, Or... Join us for upcoming practice TBA that you can slip into your busy schedule and de-stress on a regular basis.



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