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Herxheimer Reaction

Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction; healing crisis Jarisch-Herxheimer

reaction, or, Lucio's Phenomena

Also: A healing crisis, or, the "die-off".




An understanding of this pattern is essential to recovery from a severe chronic illness, especially those encouraged by heavy metal toxicity or other severe weakening of the immune system. A sensitive balance must often be maintained between a sufficient and continual attack against and sufficient die off of cell and organ damaging factors, and, the emotional and physical strength of oneself. Too weak and inefficient a

response will lead to death. Too strong a reaction may also

presuppose fatality through physical and/or emotional fatigue

and depression. The limitation of destructive emotions of fear and uncertainty is best addressed with an awareness of what to expect and how to cope with and mediate those expressions. God will help, if you ask with humble sincerity and respond with resolute trust.

Sometimes,it will be difficult to know by how you feel as to

whether you are dying, or improving. Despair and depression

will ensure death through inaction. Guard against them.


The Herxheimer reaction was first described by an Austrian

dermatologist Jarisch Adolf Herxheimer working in Vienna
Innsbruck in 1895 and shortly after this, confirmed by
his brother Karl Herxheimer also a dermatologist working in Frankfort.


It is a phenomenon that results when there is an intensification of the disease symptoms and often an expansion of similar symptoms to other places all of a
temporary nature, after which the patient is improved or well. Often it appears to some as if they have the flu. The symptoms of the Herxheimer Reaction can be most severe. Usually die off lasts only a few hours, though it can last several days, and may, in severe cases, be maintained for weeks. These symptoms can discourage not only the ill person, but also the doctor, therapist, or anyone who is in
close relationship to the patient.


The brothers were involved in treating syphilitics. They observed that skin lesions they treated with very toxic heavy metals became larger and inflamed before lessening and healing. They also found that those cases that responded in this most violent manner healed the best and fastest. A patient could be quite ill for 2-3 days after which the syphilitic lesions resolved. The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (referred to as "Herx" often) is believed to be a reaction caused by organisms (bacteria) dying off and releasing toxins
into the body faster than the body may
comfortably handle it. It was originally observed in patients with syphilis who received mercury treatment.


Some immune system compromised or distracted persons will have moderate to severe herxheimer effects from antibiotics that will usually have no effects on normal healthier individuals. It seems to occur when injured or dead bacteria release their products into blood and tissues, provoking a
sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response - thus the response may be connected to a specific organism being killed off. Many non-antibiotic treatments (glutathione – whey products ) may also produce a herxheimer effect  -- whether it is bacteria die off or simply toxin mobilization.



The most common ones include:

nausea, headache, swollen glands, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, increased joint or muscle pain, elevated heart rate,chills,cold extremities, itching, scratching, nail biting,unusual perspiration, fever (usually low grade), hypotension (low blood pressure), Itching, hives and rash (sometimes assumed to be an allergic reaction)



Symptom intensifiers:

Two common sources: decreasing the blood flow, which allows the toxins to accumulate, or, increasing the die off of parasites. fear, anxiety and worry, hormonal imbalances, enzymes, bromelain, pancreatin, etc., clotting
agents, heavy foods, excessive exercise, tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, cold temperatures,
air pollution, anti-virals, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals,anti-parasitics, chronic illnesses, high doses of vitamins, some forms of chelation treatments



Symptom reduction:

Two common strategies: improving the blood flow to clear the toxins faster (see vascular constriction), or, neutralizing the toxins (or both).antihistamines, relaxation techniques, Enemas, Colemas, Colonics,increase in blood thinning supplements,

  • Lemon/Olive Oil liver/gall
         bladder cleanse:
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
         (Organic) or 1/2 lemon rind),
  • 1 Tbsp cold pressed
         Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

flavanoids (widens blood vessels), aerobic oxygen supplementation, lymphatic massage, anti-inflammatories, bentonite clay, charcoal tablets, diatomaceous earth, pain medication, muscle relaxers, hot baths / hot tub,steam
bath or dry sauna, infrared Hot House treatment,


cleansing bath:

  • add 1 cup salt,
  • 1 cup soda,
  • 1 cup epsom salts,
  • 1 cup aloe vera, to a
         hot bath, remain in and keep hot for about 1-1/2 hours all the while
         consuming about 2 quarts of warm water.



rid of mutated Candida and restoring the proper balance of healthy flora within one’s digestive system is no easy task. It takes a multifaceted approach to overcome the yeast, promote healthy microorganisms, and watching one's diet to
prevent the yeast from feeding on excessive sugar. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil provide nutritional support to overcome the yeast, but if this happens too quickly it can cause a “die-off” effect that is referred to as a Herxheimer reaction, which is the result of the rapid killing of microorganisms and absorption of large quantities of yeast toxins, cell particles, and antigens.
Mutated Candida produces 79 toxins according to Vitamin Research Products
Inc journal (3/99Vol.13, #3). Sugar activates candida

metabolism and some of its by-products are neurotoxins such asformaldehyde, alcohol and acetlyaldehyde. One's nervous system can become confused during candida infestation due to specific neurotoxins.
Candida converts the element mercury to methyl mercury which is 100 times more toxic. Mercury chelation might deliver more mercury to the system temporarily  allowing the candida-methyl mercury conversion. Mercury is an antibacterial,
yet, in concentrations lower than fatal to humans, bacteria are often encouraged.
Your symptoms may get worse before they improve. Survival: You can do It!


Be in the tao LLc provides this information for your edification and does not presume to be diagnosing or suggesting specific protocols for treatment. Your personal treatment is your decision.




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